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Loved these guests but during the talk about babies Eliot says, "If you have the power to create life that's kind of incredible, but on the other hand if you have the power to save a kid's life who otherwise would be ignored, that's equally powerful."

Except that creating life is not incredible. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with it, but it's one of the most mundane things that happens on this Earth. Imbeciles can do it. Evil people can do it. Sea anenomes can do it. Creating life is barely more incredible than eating and shitting. In fact it's so unincredible (aka credible) that most people have to put time and effort into not creating life when they fuck. It happens accidentally.

The experience of the individual in following this same base biological urge that every animal and plant and bacteria follows may be a sublime, beautiful and fulfilling personal experience, and the mechanisms by which organisms precreate are endlessly fascinating, but in the greater scheme of things the power to save a little human's life who would go otherwise ignored is orders of magnitude more powerful than simply giving a sperm permission to burrow into an egg.

There are very few things more heroic than choosing to adopt. Just another reason Chemda is completely fucking awesome.
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