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Originally Posted by Dean from Australia View Post
Look. I enjoyed Danny's appearences on the core show and thought he was enteratining and witty therein. I only asked the question why b/c I questioned the need for a dedicated show for Danny.

The KaTG crew have the perogative to do what they want content wise - it's their show, their baby. And I will support them as a VIP because I really value what they do and I believe they deserve the finamcial reward for what they do. But Keith and Chemda also encourage feedback via these forums - and I assumed they meant both good and not so good feedback - which is what I offered. Granted, I didn't listen to this show before passing comment and so that's a failing on my part I guess. But all I did was ask the question - why?

And apparently, I'm getting shit canned for it.
You're not getting shit canned. Maybe you're getting shit for it, but you're certainly not excommunicated just because you don't think I should have a spinoff. Your comments didn't really upset me just like mine and my silly accent shouldn't be upsetting you. It's all for entertainment, at least on my end.
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