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The Ryan-Romney big shebang here, with Mr. Eastwood showing up later....Did anyone factcheck this bullshit? Hollllly crap. and almost makes me sad. For legitimate Republicans if they even exist anymore (not the crazies) aren't they ashamed at this bullshit? I could come up with several legitimate reasons you could call Obama out on. Yet, it's whether he was born here (still?!) he's a fuck up (the end lol) and taking something he said out of context therefore fuck'em. Like the whole Romney thing about liking to fire people. When one SHOULD be talking about what each guy plans to do with Healthcare, Economy, and War. But let's all just make shit up, make fun of the other guy, and then spin the opponent's words. This is exactly why I am beginning to stop watching any of this shit. Especially THAT side. Like the sick fucks I work with who use the word "Fag" and "Nigger" like the word "the". Oh, and they aren't racist or homophobic they'll say. Lmfao. Sigh. I voted no. Maybe I should ask for a re-vote. No,
I gotta better idea. Can we let the south succeed like they wanted years ago? NO TRADING with them! NO HELP! Let them be their own. PERIOD. I'll gladly move. (come next year I could technically lol) See how things evolve. Who goes to shit. Who doesn't. I think that sounds fair.
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