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I was wrong.

And I was was inconsiderate of Danny in the sense that I didn't even give his shiw a try before passing a judgement on it. My initial remark was an off hand question without thought to Danny.

As a VIP I have the luxury of picking and choosing what content I listen to and what to pass on. And, as such, the right thing to do is not pass jisgement on something without giving it a try.

So in that vein I downloaded the second episode without knowing what the content was and listened to it. And I was shocked. That might be a fair or unfair reaction depending on your point of view but that was my point of view. And I reacted accordingly. It wasn't good - I was an arsehole for it.

So I thought about it. And I thought about all the times I've heard Danny on the core show and thought about how much I enjoyed him on those shows. He is funny and crazy. I've read Danny's blog. And he's a really good writer. I thought about what Keith said about Danny trying to make a go of it in NY.

So I listened to both Danny's shows in that context. I'll be listening again.
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