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Originally Posted by Sparrow View Post
i understand my people and our history. we are blighted by our past and embarrassed by our trash. why do you feel like it's your right and duty to defame us all and deny the validity and importance of our current contributions? it's much easier to toss us all off as hillbillies than to have an actual conversation. i'm not even sure a conversation about it could take place without it devolving into barefoot and pregnant jokes. we are a vast, beautiful region and i am awful proud to be from here. my brother and i weren't raised in a hate culture nor have we fucked each other. there are good things here and good people fighting the stereotypes. it's my life's work. so, to answer how one should denigrate my people: how about let's not.

with respect to Keith's civil war--which, while dividing is the way wrong way to go about fixing our country (divided we fall, y'all)--the tension is excrutiatingly thick in our country and a good rumble and tumble would go a long way. men's physical release opens doors to more civil discourse. it'll start when someone pretty dies. don't worry. also, i believe the "other" side in the discussion included all the red states. it's funny how any reference to backward assholery reads FULL SOUTH to everyone. well, it's not funny. i get it. it's still not nice.
With respect to the first part: because while it's your history, it's also my history. A more removed part of my history, but it's still done under the banner of the United States, which makes your trash my trash and my trash your trash.

What is a good way to describe and accurately denigrate that garbage in casual conversation? What terms would make sense to adequately describe that particular sub-set of the shameful aspects of American history? I understand taking umbrage with claims of incest, but there's got to be a way to negatively describe a region where many state flags still have ties to the confederacy by virtue of popular mandate.

What terms or words would you find capable of capturing this negativity without also denying your contributions and those of your like-minded peers in the region?
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