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Originally Posted by angiethestrange View Post
... AND religion being to blame is 1000000% correct!! We need to abolish religion if we expect any forward movement because it allows people to justify their ignorant, and hateful views. THERE IS NOTHING ELSE IN THE WORLD THAT DOES THIS!!!

I don't care if some people can be good people and have religion because those people will be good people regardless ... we can no longer allow bad people to have a God and a "heaven" to look forward to as a result of their negative behaviour. It perpetuates it.

Religion NO longer has place or use in the modern world other than to oppress groups of people.
Some times I'm scared if you get rid of religion we'll be faced with an even scarier truth... that people just believe this bigoted nonsense not BECAUSE of religion but in spite of religion. I'm not sure it's religion that makes people racist, homophobic of xenophobic. I feel like it comes from somewhere even deeper than that and religion is just an easy way of explaining it and not feeling like it's "your fault."

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