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Originally Posted by rodimusprime View Post
Some times I'm scared if you get rid of religion we'll be faced with an even scarier truth... that people just believe this bigoted nonsense not BECAUSE of religion but in spite of religion. I'm not sure it's religion that makes people racist, homophobic of xenophobic. I feel like it comes from somewhere even deeper than that and religion is just an easy way of explaining it and not feeling like it's "your fault."
I understand that, but facing the truth is better in my opinion. I feel that if people are honest then forward movement, and acceptance, is more possible. If you asked someone "why don't you want gays to get married?" and they say "The bible." then how can you argue? They have most likely been indoctrinated and brainwashed by religion and have lost the ability to think logically.

If they say "because it's gross/wrong/unnatural/perverted" these are all statements that can be fairly easily refuted. It may not convince them, but at least it is a step forward.
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