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Originally Posted by angiethestrange View Post
Religion NO longer has place or use in the modern world other than to oppress groups of people.
Thankfully, adherence/devotion to organized religion is on the decline all around the world. It might take a while, but I think we will see in our life time, the collapse of organized religious faiths as people wake up and realize what wholesale fraud much of it is. It's already happening. Church parishes are going to the wall as attendences plummet and churches are having to amalgamate just to remain viable. Compensation claims against churches - both Prodestant and Catholic - are at an all time high and escalating as people call them out on their sins. People will only tolerate so much kiddy fucking until they start railing and baying for blood.

The Catholic and Prodestant will be reduced to the level of a cult and it will be apt to ask the question "Where's your Messiah now!?"
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