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Originally Posted by Sparrow View Post
ding! ding! ding! i'm not well versed in Australian politics, but here in the states the people have become disenfranchised from the process which is dangerous because we bear the burden of our situation. we were given the power to steer our ship; it was a radical thought. we got lazy and handed the wheel over to the robber barons. the citizenship is responsible for what happens to the country. if we want it back, we will have to demand it back in unison or they will continue to pick apart our still warm corpse while we watch.

changing your facebook profile photo is not demanding your liberty.
Which is why Keith's idea of a new Civil War resonates with me. Down Under - despite our compulsory voting system - the level of the informal vote (ie. where people just signed their name off the electoral roll and pissed off) at the last election (2010) was somewhere close to 10%. In a country of 25 million people, that's actually significant. When you consider that our major parties Labor (libertarian) and Liberal/Nationals (conservative) can barely garner more than half the vote at any stage, the apathy is endemic. I've argued that a Civil War would do our country good - but since no one gives a fuck, the political class can just go wild.

In the past, I've tried to put my money into causes rather than just declaring my support, but the money usually ends up being misused so I end up pulling my money, throwing my hands up and declaring 'What's the fucking point?'

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