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Originally Posted by Nightengale64 View Post
I wish that the Christians would remember this part of the bible. He never said that they should change the day of celebration from Saturday to Sunday. He wanted them to obey the old laws. There are some small groups of actual christians that worship the old holy days and on Saturday.

I am kind of biased being Wicca and wanting my holidays back. Easter, Halloween, Christmas, and the like I want back. Christ said nothing about putting up a tree in your house and clothing it. That is very pagan!
The Romans came in and Christianized the pagan holidays and many of these holidays came from newly Christianized pagans meshing their faith and old traditions together.

And if Christians are to obey all the old laws, we shouldn't eat shellfish and should stone someone to death if they wear clothing of mixed fibers. We should have multiple wives and send the women away when they are on their period.

I think most rational Christians look at the OT as guidelines for the betterment of the people (shellfish and pigs are bottom feeders, so maybe they AREN'T the best to eat when you can die of infection easily) and as cultural traditions. The NT is more important to the faith of Christianity (the whole basis, really) and if you read it seperately from the OT you will not see nearly the rules and strictness...just the basic "love and accept one another"
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