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Originally Posted by Enunciated Piffle View Post
Sorry to interrupt the primate discussion, but does anyone know where to find the books of the Bible that were omitted? [I'm kinda sorta looking at you, Stulagu...]
Also, one book that appears in one sect of Christianity, but no other is the Book of Enoch. It's trippy as hell and you can buy it in Barnes and Noble. Talks about creation of demons and angels and it gets very weird.

I never bought the Gospel of Judas because yeah. Maybe I should lol. I got the latter. You can also buy the Gospel of Judas at Barnes and Noble. The Gospel of Mary I haven't seen for sale, but I wouldn't be surprised if it is. I could of sworn it wasn't complete. There are books ON it, so there is that.

Originally Posted by picard102 View Post
..disprove bullshit with bullshit?
Welcome to politics, lmao. Most of the Apocrypha/removed books are actually more or less part of or are very much slanted to another sect now mostly dead called Gnosticism. I was actually talking about it through private message with XrabbitX a few weeks ago. It's very unique...I'm assuming the deciders Stu talked about at the First Council of Nicaea wanted a single book. And one that did not echo fragmented ideals. Though why Mary's would be removed and the story of Jesus as a kid in the Gospel of Thomas and the "murder" on the roof is silly but I see why they removed it. Thomas is a really neat read that is one of the main ones JFod was talking about recently. He got a lot of his facts crossed but he got the jist. The majority are aimed at that other sect; Gnosticism. Mary's I wanna say is the exception. But I'm not entirely sure. All this bullshit is online if you wanna look it up. It's no big deal though so. Also, a Gospel of Judas? Really? Apparently, Jesus told him to betray him. Yeah. Dunno if I want to read it. I honestly feel like since all the older ones I mentioned have been known about previously and the Judas one wasn't (barring conspiracy theories) may prove it's bullshit on top of bullshit. Hope that helped.

Originally Posted by Blitzgal View Post
Oh yeah, it's interesting looking at the conspiracy crowd to see examples of this....
See: if you are ready to have your mind blown. Or hurt.
Medium Brumski: The only reason we have the 2nd Amendment is because John Adams was afraid of the zombie apocalypse and he wanted to make sure Americans would be prepared, I guess Keith hasn't gotten to that part of the mini-series yet.

Sparrow:...Brings up her point? What point?! Are we naht suckin' ya cahk hahd enough, Sue?!?

Keith: Oh, you...

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