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19: Believe the Hype

Segment #1 Episode 107: Suck a Dick Wednesday (August 3 '05) A beautiful tradition begins. Keith recounts a clown job working with Wendy The Clown and returns with an opinion on Ching Chong moms. (BEGIN to 19:00)

Segment #2 Episode 111: Baby's First Blow Job (August 10 '05) It fuckin' works, folks. Suck a Dick Wednesday works. Even for the youngest of fans. And dudes in clown pants. Almost. (BEGIN to 8:30)

Segment #3 Episode 110: Technical Difficulties (August 9 '05) Ching Chong snot customs. (10:30 to 12:30)

Segment #4 Episode 112: Animals (August 11 '05) With Patrice. Danny, with his new full-blown confidence, tries to bag himself a gossip queen on IM. (5:30 to 13:00)

Segment #5 Episode 103: Great Adventure (July 28 '05) With Patrice. The 8 Clown Commandments, all broken. Is there a Clown Hell? (9:00 to 17:00)

Segment #6 Episode 115: Parental Advisory (August 16 '05) Some good banter, including: Hufu, the soy-based human flesh substitute. Funny, it never caught on. Faces of Death discussion. Curb stompin'. The light/dark, sweetheart/asshole duality that is Keith Malley. Fart science, skydiving, more blowjob talk, the reality of sex education, and the danger of snooping through your folks' shit. The first time Keith mentions wanting a gun. (25:00 to 49:00)
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