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20: Thick Sweat

Segment #1 Episode 125: What Do Blacks Want? (August 30 '05) Keith and Chemda anticipate another fantastic clown company party. This time, it's on a boat. (26:30 to 31:30)

Segment #2 Episode 102: The Aftermath (July 26 '05) A dramatic reading from the Family Circus, what's happening in Somerset, and more tales of larceny. School is bad enough, but imagine having a parent working at the same school. (35:00 to 47:00)

Segment #3 Episode 126: Sins of the World (August 31 '05) They field some emails regarding racism and looting in the wake of Katrina. The post-company party wrap-up. (BEGIN to 25:00)

Segment #4 Episode 131: Jerk This (September 7 '05) The lengths Keith will go to run off a batch. Malley's guide to jerk booths and strip club survival. The evils of masturbation. Keith talks about nocturnal emissions. (29:00 to 49:00)

Segment #5 Episode 126: Sins of the World (August 31 '05) Another crash outside morphs into a rant on 911 operators. Masturbation horror stories. (32:30 to 55:00, with edits)

Segment #6 Episode 128: Stop the Insanity! (September 2 '05) An old ex of Keith's calls in. (23:30 to 24:30)

Segment #7 Episode 139: Who's Sicker? (September 19 '05) Keith gets sickyboos, and Chemda wanks herself arid. (BEGIN to 6:00)

Segment #8 Episode 96: Ray Visits (July 18 '05) Ray visits with his brother and walks straight into the third degree. Craigslist hookups, Cytherea squirts, more sick shit on the internet, and the infamous eel video. (19:00 to 33:00, with edits)

Segment #9 Episode 92: Old Enough to Know Better (July 12 '05) A tragic suicide story in the news leads to yet another hilarious excursion into Keith's formative years. The classic red flags for suicide and drug abuse. (BEGIN to 15:00, with edits)

Segment #10 Episode 98: What a Beach (July 20 '05) More eely goodness, nummy-nummers. Chemda's sexy reenactment of the translation. Keith takes the first can I jerk to this? challenge. (BEGIN to 10:40)

Segment #11 Episode 133: Get Mad. Get Even. (September 9 '05) A caller witnesses an altercation, spurring an exchange on street justice, vigilantism, and Samaritanism. Keith throws down some major foreshadowing. (17:30 to 29:00, with edits)

Segment #12 Episode 140: Satan Sucks (September 21 '05) Does Chemda have vibration white finger from masturbating too much? She seems to think so, for a while anyway, possibly becoming the first documented case of nymphochondria. The segment regarding clown parties and retarded children that was used in the very first KATG animation. (32:00 to 42:00)
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