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31: Crappy Holidays

Segment #1 Episode 191: So Sue Me (43:30-44:45) Christmas re-gifting.

Segment #2 Episode 189: Three's Company (BEGIN-8:15) Holiday plans, stamps, and the Old Man wants to sparkle the co-op.

Segment #3 Episode 193: Spooky Visits (23:30-54:30) Kwanzaa at the mall, social experimentation on the subway, visiting Keith's brother for Xmas, game night, and family reminiscing.

Segment #4 Episode 190: Sexual Content (22:45-26:00) A little gift advice for the love struck.

Segment #5 Episode 194: The Desires of Desirée (BEGIN-26:30) Patrice's Xmas, and how to shop for gifts at the mall with the very ones for whom you're shopping.

Segment #6 Episode 218: Cool (14:45-16:45) The very anticlimactic post-script to the Old Man glitter scheme.
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