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34: A Lotta Spunk

Segment #1 Episode 175: How to Kill Your Baby (BEGIN-30:00) Patrice's job gets More from the fascinating career of hooker booking.

Segment #2 Episode 185: I Have a Bomb (35:30-42:00) Britney makes decent jerk-fodder.

Segment #3 Episode 186: Love Letters (39:30-54:00) Brad's breakup letter and more relationship origins.

Segment #4 Episode 191: So Sue Me (18:45-26:50) Jizz on the carpet, and jizz from above.

Segment #5 Episode 192: Cinnamon Bread (2:30-4:30) A brief follow-up from the goo bombardier.

Segment #6 Episode 195: Tattletales (47:20-50:00) A touching coming of age story from Ireland, and Keith's tentative jerk-retching.
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