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Originally Posted by Bucho View Post
I've listened to almost 1672 KATGs, multiple guest appearances and spinoffs and videos and this might be the hardest I've ever heard Keith laugh.
Right?? It totally adds to the show and it feels like Keith is a good 'lifeline' for Danny; both emotionally and physically. This episode and the last aren't getting deleted from thee ol' iPod. They're hysterical and get repeat play. It's awesome when guests like Micah and Myq come on as well because they have a similar, absurd sort of humor and really complimented the show well. You can tell Micah and Myq, (both seasoned stand-ups) could easily have verbally murdered Danny, but kept it to a light jabbing. Danny should be proud. He handled this episode where all the guests got out-of-hand very well. He let the comedy play out - and didn't freak out, (more than usual). KatG should play more snippets of TTSWD as a lot of fans are seriously missing out.
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