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Here. Maybe this would make it more clear because I am a fan and I don't want to think , that you think, that I'm being a dick here. Danny, what I mean is that , when a seasoned, real comedian gets upset or feels challenged, they will verbally rip your ass apart. Myq and Micah could have ganged up on you, (and did to some extent) but did not (to a point of brutality) because they obviously like and/ or respect you. You handeled it really well and the whole 'Danny Hatch Talk Show Host' bit / thing was brilliant. You are really fortunate. Your fucking 20 and hanging out w/ pros. I'm jealous and amazed. That's all I guess I was saying. You should be proud. Your a Goddamn, super-young Letterman! There. Erase all previous words and just listen to that. Cheers
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