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I overshare a lot whenever I have a microphone in front of my stupid face and this is STILL the most personal I've gotten. I was genuinely nervous before this show started (but I didn't show it because I am a pro and also I was eating pizza.)

Tell me what you think. I'm a slave to yr opinions, even though I shouldn't be. (And I certainly shouldn't be admitting it, but whatevs.) Let me know. Have you ever been in situations similar to mine? One of the things I hope to do with this show is establish a dialogue, a community, so that the net keeping us from falling into the abyss grows ever stronger and more tightly knit. So add to that net, baby. Share yr beautiful thoughts and yr thoughtful feelings.

By the way, use of "yr" as a substitute for "your": yay or nay? It goes back to the Beat generation when they'd be typing a mile a minute and using shorthand to save time and ink, and yr sort of stuck, at least with me. I like it a lot, but I can see people thinking it's kind of douchey. Why am I even typing this? Oh yeah because I have alcohol in me. I'm a good person.

"Stay sick. Don't get well." -- The Mountain Goats (shut up.)
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