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Bitches, Sissies, and Cunts

Reina Terror was good. Not amazing, but good. Not 'worst guest' ever, but good. I don't think people are taking into account how fucking annoying a 'Goth' person can be. As per usual, Keith came down on her being different and her weirdo name and she took it. If you know a Goth they can be the most judgemental, egocentric, non-humorous, just 'yes I'm dressed odd, but if you say anything about it: YOU ARE the dick kind of people. She was self-aware and able to laugh at herself. Why hate on her?

Also, Faceboy is a total sissy. I believe that's also known as having empathy and being artisitc, which is rare and a wonderful trait to have in this world. It tones down all the alpha male bullshit. Yin and yang, bitches.
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