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My friend is a psych nurse and she nearly got fired for doing her job well. All the other nurses were sitting around chatting while one of the patients was yelling in pain. She was leaving for the day so she told them, they did nothing so my friend ended up working overtime. This is the kind of thing that would happen regularly so she got in trouble for working overtime.

Another time she became short with the nurses for refusing to do their work and basically demanded that they do their jobs. The next day she was in trouble for wearing inappropriate clothing to work (I think someone caught a glimpse of her thong and used it to get back at her, so she just stopped wearing panties).

Another time a doctor almost let a patient die and my friend basically had to tell him one thousand times what was happening. Not only did she get in trouble for being rude to the doctor, but she was accused of being the irresponsible one who almost let the man die.

So yes, there are definitely good ones, but I'm betting they just get worn down by the bad ones until they join the hive mind of shitty health care professionals.
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