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Originally Posted by Super Mario View Post
what i dont understand about this whole situation is that if anyone tried to attack any other amendment in the constitution everyone would be pissed off. What if the government said free speech is your constitutional right, but u cant talk about certain things (ie anti government ideas). Or unlawful search and seizure is banned except for when the government feels its ok.

I know criminal always seem to use the 5th amendment to their benefit. what if the government started taking away those rights? I promise you the left would be all over the president if he started taking away the criminals rights.

They expect the people just to sit back and let them do what ever they want... taking away arguably the only right we have as the people to defend ourselves against the criminals and government.

Why do i need an "assault rifle"? So when the government decides to take anymore of my rights away, i wont be defenseless against them. In my honest opinion, i dont think any weapon the military carries should be illegal for citizens to own but i understand why they are banned. I honestly think the government should give the states the rights to decide what should be banned and what shouldn't be banned. Here in Texas, we seem to have our shit under control.
You are already defenseless against them. what good protection an assault rifle would be when they could just fly a fucking drone over your house and shoot a missile into it. Also they 5th amendment is for everyone, innocent or guilty. and its for the protection of the innocent more. Here is a link that explains why everyone should use it.
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