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The main fallacy I see is in the crude conclusions; it's preferable to heavily regulate the right to entertainment, marriage, even procreation? That last one really sets my alarm bells off.

'...I don't watch this stuff because it is gratuitous violence; it's not appealing to me at all and it is not entertaining.'
Well, some people don't like guns--but that doesn't count as an argument, either.

But I think he grazes (yes, intended^^) a good point: the problem is with the culture of violence (which it sounds to me he criticizes in KATG's language, no?). Which, yes, is reflected in games and movies, but in the US' gun culture also (it's not all hunting and self protection)--he showed that in the story with the rabbit himself!

What I'd really like to point to is the fellow podcast pioneer (in a total different field, so no competetion to the subscriptions on iTunes ):
Common Sense - Gunning for Violence

Dan Carlin so nicely shows what pro gun culture people should be pushing for (yes, treating the mentally ill, too), instead of trying to deflect blame to easy but false scapegoats. And 'stop talking out your ass', as Ron puts it, yourselves.
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