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Originally Posted by juliofromny View Post
So the Marathon prompted me to finally sign up for a VIP membership. Luckily I know was able to afford it finally. This episode prompted me to make sure I was following Danny on Twitter and tumblr. It also prompted me to do a quick one-click buy of "Miserabilia". I really enjoyed this conversation and the literature talk. It's making me want to revisit some of those old novels that I read back in high school.

I'm also glad that Lauren is making Chemda see Shakespeare in a different light. It was funny hearing Her and Keith bash the old timey writing but I always felt it was a shame that they missed out on the themes that were being portrayed in the tragedies. At least I think it's good stuff.

Also I have to commend Danny on pushing himself to do this podcast. I know how hard it is to do, especially when you keep bashing yourself as you're doing it LOL. Keep it up. I have plenty of episodes to catch up on (currently on the one with Mike and Myq) and I look forward to seeing Danny mastering his craft.

Julio, thank you so much. Reading this meant a ton to me, and I'm so happy you're into the show.
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