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I've noticed a lot of people mentioning the thing about people should have to get a license to have a kid thing and people seem to be disagreeing. I had thought that was just a throw away statement. But for the record I am 100% for gun control and I would be 100% behind people have to get a license to have kids if that were a thing.

Can you imagine how many would grow up in better homes if their parents had to be tested to have kids? I don't mean like an intelligence test or anything that would discriminate. I mean a simple test for common sense.

"Should you invite your drug dealer into the house if your kid is home?" Yes. No.

"Is beating your kid to a point where they could possibly need a doctor ever okay in any situation?" Yes. No.

"If your child is being really annoying is it okay to lock it in a closet so you can go about your business? Yes. No.

Simple things like that. If you answer yes to any of those questions you are more than an unfit parent and can't have kids. Simple
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