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Originally Posted by Enunciated Piffle View Post
Keith's fictional girlfriend character calling in is gold. Please, PLEASE allow this character to occur/ happen / live / breathe again.

Also, Danny is a great writer. Not sure if I laughed during his reading, but enjoyed it nonetheless. Oh. A run-on sentence joke was made. Scratch that. It was funny.

Also, I like this show because it not only allows Danny to explore and shine, but you get a different side of Chemda as well.

I didn't get into Yo La Tengo for years because I thought it was a salsa band...
I haven't heard the new album, but I think Danny should get Chemda and Keith to listen to the track "Let's Save Tony Orlando's House" as it is delight. A very mellow, chilled...delight.
"Lennay" was fantastic. She's a sweet girl, got her heart in the right place. She'll be back, I'm sure.

Thanks for yr feedback about my story. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I didn't necessarily write it as a comedy thing, so not laughing is totally called for. But laughing is also called for. Everything is great.

I love the Tony Orlando song. Do you listen to Comedy Bang! Bang!? (I'm plugging another podcast on my podcast's forum threat, huh.) YLT were the musical guests on one episode and they did a great version of it.

"Stay sick. Don't get well." -- The Mountain Goats (shut up.)
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