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Ok. So just listened to The Mtn Goats. I like the imagery. "The cellar door is an open throat" is great. I think it's musically not as amazing as the writing, but perhaps the emphasis is on the lyrics anyway...?

Is there a KATG music thread? One where you recommmend one song, maybe post a YouTube link, (how do you do that, btw?) and maybe put a short description as to why you like the song?

I would recommend Danny listens to The Silver Jew's "Random Rules" There's a youtube vid. The singer is one of the greatest, funny writers that possibly shouldn't be fronting a band ever. The song begins, "In 1984, I was hospitalized for approaching perfection. Slowly screwing my way across Europe, they had to make a correction."

Also, I think Danny should write a short play that has JFOD act out all the characters...
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