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I loved this episode. I have loved all of the episode with Lauren's Dad. He is so articulate, makes his points, even though I don't agree with them I can sure as hell respect it since he obviously has a lot of thought and education behind them. Plus he has the best radio voice. I can't wait to hear him on the KATG show.

In terms of gun control, I think that maybe we should have a graduated system like we do with driver's licenses. For example, in order to drive a semi truck, you have to have a certain license and take courses, I think the same should be for guns. I have no experience with guns; I should NOT be allowed to go out and buy one. I think it is reasonable to expect to want these weapons registered plus even make sure that the people who buy them know how to use them. If they just want to collect them, maybe put a clause where if you want to buy the bullets for them, you have to take a class. I don't know, the whole thing is very complicated and the way laws and legislation move through, I doubt there ever will be a good solution.

I do completely agree with Ron on the point of mental health care needing to be much better in America. I work with older adults who have schizophrenia and other mental disorders...the number of homeless people we get who used to be in the state hospitals is staggering. Plus, community mental health centers that put people back in state hospitals have to pay a penalty as they do not want anyone in the state hospitals anymore. The problem is if someone has been in a state hospital for 50+ years especially during a time where the focus was not on rehabilitation or treatment but rather just a place to house is just messed up.
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