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I have 2 different views on this interview.

1) Lauren's Dad is passionate, well-spoken, and possibly a Libertarian. Would definetly like to hear him again. Also, would possibly vote for him in a Presidential election.

2) Lauren's Dad is passionate and possibly a bit of an asshole. Chemda gets super-double-triple points for this particuliar interview and I do not think she has been sufficiently praised for going one-on-one with a man who, out of left field, (whilst discussing the topic of gun control) blurts out, "Well then there is my daughter who is turning into an atheist thanks to you" and "KATG contributes to violence..." Huh? I don't care if he 'took it back' and/ or apologized: it felt like a reach and a bit silly. To his credit - he didn't give an inch and can debate better than most of Congress. To Chemda's credit, (and I fucking loved this part) she brought it all to a powerful conclusion with, " question: Would Jesus carry a gun?" a-haha. That was beautiful.

To all the pussies who avoided this episode because the topic of guns or hunting is scary ... you missed out. Keith has at least held, fired, and been schooled about guns. His opinion is viable. Those who remain ignorant about why or how...aren't helping this crucial debate that is going on in America - right now.

Unless you are a strict vegan and abhor animal killing, (which I would consider somewhat noble in its discipline) then you should be hunting. If you're one of these people who eat meat, but can't possibly fathom why someone would hunt; I feel sad for you. It's pathetic to be SO disconnected from your food source. You wouldn't last a day in the woods. No matter how evolved we are, or how many options to meat there are: it is important to examine, understand, and embrace what exactly an apex predator is and does. Some might say we are one...
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