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Great episode. Very interesting to hear the views from an intelligent man. But it didn't stop me from getting annoyed. In one sentence he says it's video games and movies then the next he is saying it's mental health. I've been playing violent video games, watching violent movies, etc... and I know the difference between right and wrong and have NO interest in guns whatsoever. Someone with mental issues could have played the exact same games as me and then goes on to kill a bunch of people. So does he want to take away violent games and movies from everyone (including responsible video game/movie watchers) to prevent mentally ill people from making the jump to acting out those forms of entertainment? That's kind of like taking away guns to prevent any killing from happening, isn't it?

Mass murders seem to be done by the mentally ill but your every day murders of one, two people are not necessarily carried out by mentally ill, are they? Add all those murders up in America over a year and its a very high number. The mass murders are far more confronting due to the number of lives taken away in an instant but it doesn't mean the murders that happen every day are any less devastating for the families and friends of the victims.

"It's America, it's my right." - That is a such a worthless defence. Tell that to the parents of the kids that got killed.
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