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Awwwww shit, you start the show breaking BroLo's balls for not being able to record in the fancypants studio like you guys and then you put out a show with dodgy sound? GET UP IN THAT MIC SON! Quit with that low volume meekness and own it.

In other feedback, when you're doing a Top or Bottom 10 list it hits harder if you announce the number of the entries as you announce the entries. Your format is great so embrace that mofo. Quit with that messy rambling and own it. In further feedback, I don't have much to say about tats. I don't have any and neither does my wife but a bunch of buddies and family do and I can't even remember what most of them are. I don't have room in my tiny little brain to care for or about body art.

In final feedback, I'm stoked (1) that you two are doing a show and (b) that Bottoms lists are how you're rolling. We know Emmy is already a pro at tearing shit down and it'll be fun to hear a usually upbeat soldier like Hennessy fighting his natural urge to be positive. I've been a fan of both of y'all for ages so this is aces as fuck.
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