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And today : US teen shot by fellow student at school | Perth Now

The fact that you have to send your kids to a school with an armed guard, just in case, would have me move out of the US.

"Have a good day at school, Ava. Make sure you remember what we talked about if someone has a gun. I hope to see you after school!"

My daughter starts kindergarten on Monday and the biggest of my worries is her making friends and having fun learning. Thank fuck I don't live in the US where the availability of guns to any jackfuck would add an extra worry of "I hope my 4 year old isn't murdered."

Fuck that noise. I'm sorry but if a Sandy Hook massacre had happened at the school of Ron's children, would he still be ok with the current gun culture?

I really like Ron and his voice just demands I listen but I can't stand this mentality with guns.

Can't work out why you would stop listening to an episode halfway through though, rubbintheboywanker. Even if it's grinding your gears, you should get the whole story.
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