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I get my man Brian Ward's frustration at his wife not taking his compliments seriously.

For me what works is that (a) I genuinely find my wife wildly attractive (you don't seem to have any problem feeling the same way about yours, so you have that covered), (b) I tell my wife at least once every day (not just the days she says she doesn't feel beautiful) how great she looks, (c) at least once a day in a moment which is not a prelude to sex I hold her in ways which make it clear I also love the way her body feels, and (d) I won't take any of her opposition to my compliments seriously. I know there are times when for some reason or another she feels "blah" but I'll shut her down quick smart whenever she starts to say she doesn't believe that I find her mind-alteringly sexy.

It's the only time I'll shut down discussion and override her opinion on anything. I don't know if that's any help to you cobber - there's no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to matters of the hearts of women - but I thought it was worth saying just in case it is.
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