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You guys really hit your stride this episode; hilarious and well paced. Loved it.

These are gifts to or from lovers but they are shitty enough for me to share;

For Christmas a couple of years ago my aunt bought me a donkey. But I didn't even get to pet the fuckin thing, it was a donkey bought for some village apparently. So in my Christmas card there is a little card saying, "The WhoKnowsIfThisPlaceExistsVille Village in Whosawheresadatta now has their own donkey to assist in farming and..." I can't remember the rest but seriously.

This same aunt bought my daughter a little llama doll thing made with real llama hair! As if the real llama hair makes it better.

My sister bought my wife and I as a combined present for Christmas, a small plastic shitty measuring jug half filled with some chocolates.

I have bought some of the gifts on your shit list for my wife but she seemed to like them at the time. I will now go home and grovel and apologize since the err of my ways has been put on full blast with a bucket of sass.
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