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Catching up on episodes.. This was a good one. :-)

Worst gifts I've gotten haven't been from significant others, they've been from my little brother. Homeboy does not know how to get a gift.

I think I was 24 or so and he gave me a toy Wall-e thing. I'm like.. WTF do I do with this?

Last xmas he gave me a furry Chewbacca backpack.. great. Not only an ugly backpack that is too small to fit anything in, it also sheds.

Personally, I only like giving people a consumable of some type. I sent a bunch of friends and family 3 different loose leaf tea sample packs and paper filters in case they didn't have a tea strainer or good teapot. I made sure to get two types that were really unusual with intense flavors and one simple but high quality tea that I thought most anyone would appriciate. Thought that covered a bunch of bases.. "I'm thinking of you, here is something you would probably like, and here is a few that you may not know you like yet."

If I'm dating someone I definitely get something a bit more specific to the person but never really like buying something they wouldn't use and/or appriciate. I still prefer consumables.. We're adults. If I wanted something I would buy it myself.
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