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Jesus Christ...I never ever want to be on Emmy's bad side.

Thanks for the sweet shout out, yes that is me in my wedding dress from 5 years ago

I loved how we could hear Chemda losing it in the background when Emmy was telling her stories. And those were some epic stories, although I think your friend that mooched for 2.5 years was kind of asking for it.

I too had once broken the code of using someone's email password against them. One of my friends(let's call her C) was acting crazy in regards to my other friend ( call her L) in that every time my friend L would leave town to see her boyfriend, C would state that she had been raped. C was also forcing herself to throw up and had a bunch of really fucked up things going on. The worst C did though was let L's cat out in downtown Indianapolis and then claim that she did no such thing (there literally was no other way for the cat to get out of the apartment other than C letting him out.) Suspicious about the rapes, I checked C's email and found out that she was not being truthful about everything to which I confronted her and called her out on her craziness. to this day C doesn't think she did anything wrong and we are no longer friends. I also will never log into anyone's email again because although I did find out the fucked up truth, it is still not my place.

Hilarious episode. I can't wait for the one with Absies.
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