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At the risk of venturing into quibble-territory, I asked because King Diamond was recently (as in last month) featured in an interview on Radio Free Satan's show Metal Invaders. So he hasn't distanced him self THAT much.

But, yeah, I don't guess it matters AT ALL whether King Diamond is one thing or another.

Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
"In an interview from 2006, King Diamond stated that he does not follow any specific religion, and expressed concern that religion has led so many people to kill and destroy each other. He stated that he cannot comprehend why religion has caused so much death and destruction when it is logically impossible to prove the presence or absence of any god. He states that he has reached a point in his life where he has completely given up believing in anything religious and that he simply does not know what to answer when asked whether he is a Satanist or not."

its on a bunch of websites. i think he is still in the church but when asked abouty it he usually says he doesnt necssarily affiliates with it.

ADD: oh you said it yourself. i stand corrected.

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