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1. Fuck! I need to re-up my VIP these spin-offs are super fun and totally KatG...minus the K...hint of G in this one was dee-lish Always down to hear about Lauren and Chemda's relationship although, Jesus Christ guys, don't you guys have any real problems besides not spending enough time w/ each other?? Geez. And Lol

This particular episode should be mandatory for all dudes and although I'm not too douche-y when it comes to holidays and b-day gifts it did help as a reminder not to be a lazy bitch and/ or what some gifts really mean. I'm not too familiar w/ those e-card things, but it was hilarious when Lauren was like, "You just signed me up for 650 spam letters - thanks!'

Lauren had a great quote that was like "Don't make flowers the main thing - make them the 'garnish' to the thing" which I found very poetic and true.

Also just wanted to reiterate upon the brilliant banter between Emmy and Lauren. Loved how Emmy made some crack about her dad being her valentine and then Lauren came right back on it w/ something like 'Well your dad's a shitty lover' or something. Really funny stuff. Hell, it sounds like a professional radio show w/ hosts who have been doing it for awhile. Ya know? Course you do.

Lastly, I'm w/ SNACKS and everyone else who writes on the forums and has their shit read on the show. It's exciting to hear your name, (fuck yeah I'm a fanboy) but even more so to hear it pronounced correctly, BUT EVEN MORE SO to hear that the host knows the definition to some obscure word such as piffle, which as Lauren correctly said means: nonsense! It's my own stupid little saying 'Enunciate the piffle!' or emphasis the nothing as I take nothing serious. You must smoke some nice sativas cuz that was pretty fucking brilliant there, stony

So, let's recap: new favorite spin-off!
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