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I got excited as just a glimpse of Mean Danny appeared, (a cameo if you will) when he snuck in a quick snide, "You have no bearing on my life." Then he disappeared...

Loved how Keith gave Roger Ebert's death two thumbs down. He will be missed. I was confused when he alluded to Ebert being a dick and shitting on movies. Lol. All Keith does is watch bad movies and then verbally shred them! I love it. IT's hilarious, but uh...pot and the kettle black, etc.

Valley of the Dolls is a total [weird] piece of shit. As Doug Benson often states in his 'Doug Loves Movies' podcast "At least he's a movie reviewer who has actually made a movie. Doug Benson is famous for smoking a ton of weed. So...yeah.

Whoa. This show had a surprise shout out from the very talented Myka Fox. AND a JagJaguwar reference.

I give it a 9.45/ 10 It wasn't the 'Feel Good Hit of the Summer' episode but it did have a little bit of everything for everyone. Nice.

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