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Originally Posted by invader View Post
Chemda is 100% right. Trey is just jones'n cause she is unavailable right now. Also Chemda's little role play was excellent and it points out what Trey will have to go through even if he does get this girl back. He is going to have to jump through constant hoops to prove himself and he will be miserable He is unclear about what he wants, there is nothing women hate more than an indecisive man. Calling a chick on the phone isn't going to compete with a dude that is actually there doing stuff. I just think Trey's love life is a little dried up and he feels like he left something great in comparison to the nothing that he has right now. What Trey has to do is just date around for the time being, random dates with random women just to gain a little perspective. Then if you still feel the same, go back to her. Constant calling ain't going to do shit but push her further away.

Trey's answers to Chemda were completely lackluster..If I was the girl they would not be enough for me to take him seriously. After all don't we all live in an age where we expect a "grand gesture"..Whereas Trey doesn't even seem capable of a solid answer.

Trey, don't toy this girl around just because you get antsy when she isn't available to you. Move on and be honest with yourself.
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