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Whoa. Move the fuck over, Terry Gross, there is a new thought-provoking interviewer in town. This episode, (amongst the majority of WMN episodes) is a far cry from the comedy of KatG. This was original, thought-provoking, look into a new approach to parenting.

As a parent, I found this show mind-blowing. It is absolutely imperative that all people listen to this interview regardless of sexual orientation or religion.

I'm a single father with a 10 yr old daughter. I have seen, first-hand, the problem of broken homes. It is absolutely essential that people understand there is nothing more important than the WANT/NEED to become a parent. Simply being a man who has impregnated a woman is not enough. I know.

Human beings are the most adaptive mammals in existence. As a conservative-liberal, I would agree that a man/woman parent couple would be ideal for to raise a girl or boy, but I would also agree that our species have been raised by: wolves, themselves, and certainly any combination of role models IE grandparents, extended family, cousins, etc.

The guest on this show just grazed upon the idea of other cultures raising children in alternative ways. Any Anthropology 101 student understands that the dynamic of 'it takes a village' is totally understated in our country.

We all know beautiful / interesting people we'd like to see carry on our species. However, it takes more than good genes and expensive jeans to be a parent. You have to have the want. You must have that want in your own DNA to make/ have a good kid. As a parent who sees kids thrown away every day; I totally agree with the guests idea/ approach to modern and evolved parenting.

Chemda did raise a very important question. How does the website distinguish between pedophiles and legit parents? When I heard this I thought of my vegan hippie friends who said you should never put a pet on Craigslist. You never know if some sick fuck is gonna adopt them just to torture them. It's sad and not common...but possible. Personally, I was a bit uncomfortable with his answer, but there is no doubt that utililizing the internet is the obvious choice.

The point raised in this episode of WMN is indisputable. Parent planning is one of the most important issues we face today.

Well done. I have not heard this guest or particular issue in any other media form. Cheers.
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