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Originally Posted by violachick8 View Post
Please please do not keep trying after the person you are pursing has made it clear that they are not interested. It will likely only lead in heartbreak for you and the friendship will never truly be that.
It just occurred to me that you are the only one who does not agree w/ BroLo or Alex. Probably because you are a woman and know first hand how awful and uncomfortable it can be...

I say have some couth, (manners or refinement) about it. Don't be a creep. Be sincere.

If it is clear that the relationship isn't going to pan out then I suppose you can beg for sex and/ or remind her that she is a prostitute for not having sex with you. It makes no sense, will surely haunt you as she warns all her friends of you being a psycho dick, but it will make you feel better for at least 5 minutes. Worth it!
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