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I guess I'm in the minority here but I enjoyed the Gass and "Kemda" exchange. Initially I did sense Chemda's annoyance but thought she jumped in and ran with it, especially when she basically said "all of us Jew girls from Surf Reality looked alike so while I don't doubt u did get some ass, it damned sure wasn't from me because my sex is awesome. So ill show u some mugshots and u pick this whore u slept with out"

Well that's what I got from it at least.

And I rather enjoyed Gass. I was pleasntly surprised at his stories because they came out so organically during the convo whereas with some comedians/guests, you can hear the setup long before the story & it cheapens it. Those impressions were spot on tho and I knew Mohr was a dick after listening then quitting his podcast. Funny, yes, but quite an entitled dick.
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The thing is, Toni happens to be absolutely batshit.
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