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Is there anything better than eating mushrooms, realizing hell is just an idea, (and a bad one at that) and listening to a Bill Hick's album? Answer: yes. It's called sex. Sex with the one you love. Aww....

I mean OWWWW! Rock on!

Loved Pauline's letter. It was insightful and well-written.

I'm not sure long distance relationships are for everyone, although. What I mean, more specifically, is that it is an older gentlemen's game. When you're young and in love it's fun to be romantic, but I feel like life and it's hormones can over-whelm a person. Certainly a person who has...a penis.

On the other hand, when you're older you understand the importance of honoring the one you're with. You have the patience and diligence to actually understand what matters and how to act in order to make a relationship work.

Loved, loved, loved what Brolo had to say about KatG fans, fandom, love, and life.

Personally, I wish I could meet a KatG gal. It would answer so many crucial questions right off the bat.

There should be a dating site for KatG fans. Oh wait. There is! It's called !!
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