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36: That's the Show with Danny with Adam Brown, Minus Chemda

Chemda couldn't be a presence on today's episode, because she is dead. So RIP Chemda, just like Libby before her. Luckily we have special guest Adam "Town Clown Down Frown" Brown to take her place, at least for today's show. And boy what a show it is! We talk Game of Thrones and then Keith does a really creepy thing with a picture of Danny's younger sister that he found on the Internet, and Danny couldn't really say what he wanted to, which was "eeesh this is kind of weird and sad that he's being all sexual in regards to this picture of my younger sister" because that wouldn't make for good radio, so he laughed it off just like he did in high school because high school never ends. Be sure to follow me on Twitter.

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