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Chemda's face at the 6:00 mark is priceless. Also love her expression at "I don't care how much you bomb". Oh, spoiler alert! Oh no, wait. That's not really a spoiler, it's more of a teaser, because now peeps are going to want to know why Chemda said that, so no worries.

I don't know if the Danny/Keith dynamic could be any more perfect. It works gangbusters in audio and even gangerbusters in video. Also, if anyone wanted to be even more envious of Danny (you know who you are you sour fucks) the cameras cut away to a couple of moments of gorgeousness that'll help you with that.

Bottom line though is Danny is SO FUCKING GOOD in this. He's as fast and as funny as the vast majority of the pros who come on KATG as guests and most remarkably - and I know I'm repeating myself here but this is my post so what are you going to do about it - for such a young performer his artistic voice is much more well-developed than I'd expect. As much as it's his thing to be awkward he, paradoxically I guess, wears it so fucking well that his stage presence is undeniable and it's impossible not to see what Chemda is talking about when she says she expects him to be successful in this game.

Just impressive as fuck this kid.
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