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Half-way mark, an hour 20 in and hot damn this is gold. Andrea is a champ for being such a supportive friend to Danny; answering his calls all the time and trying to keep him busy. There's still another hour and 20 left so I hope Danny actually opens up a bit - Andrea divulged more in 5 minutes than Danny did.

Keith - your random yell questions get me every time. Your switching from God back to Keith and back to God again was so roflcopters. People say that right?

Elvis - you are stronger than anyone. If I called in trying to offer support and got the tongue lashing Danny was spewing, I would have lost my cool quite quickly.

Danny - YOU ARE GOOD. I am getting tired of telling you how good you are but I feel I need to make sure you know that. Leave your shirt on when you are drunk. I once threw up on my shirtless self at party while I was lying down to go to sleep at the end of the night. Then the resident gay at our school, who wasn't out but we all knew it, proceeded to wipe me down and put socks on my hands to keep me warm. I've shared more than you in this episode so far and I know I'm not the worst. Know that you are not the worst and that for every hurtful thing some douchebag might say that brings you down, there are a shit tonne more people who are on your side who may just be a bit quiet. You are a good writer, your "shitty little podcast" is a weekly highlight for many of us and your taste in music is abhorrent. I mean, different. Where's the backspace key... over there I see, too far and too late to change what I wrote but fuck it. Make that your motto - "Fuck it."

Now fuck it.

R.I.P. Rhian - fuck da ghetto!
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