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Interesting episode. I don't think Danny should listen to it as he will, hate hate hate hate it. Lots of 'fuck yous' going back and forth. I only starting losing interest towards the end when it was clear that Danny and Andrea were too drunk to really be able to carry on a conversation; but then Keith livened it up by talking about Lucas. I have to say, I have 6 cats and some of my cats track the is fucking disgusting and we keep the door to our bedroom closed because we don't need that literal shit in our bed. Also we have the litter boxes in our laundry room with lots of litter catching mats that has drastically reduced litter tracking. We have those mats with the sharp points that you put on the floor for office chairs to protect the carpet, with the sharp ends up in the areas we do not want the cats. Basically, I would be horrified if my cats were leaving litter in my roommate's/guests bed. Not cool. And I am one of those true crazy cat people...not cool about the litter in the bed, ew ew ew ew. I'd suggest getting one of those mats or putting aluminum foil down on the bed to hopefully deter the cat but I fear that might make things worse with Lucas rather than better.

Anyways, don't listen Danny, that incident is over and done with (if I recall right from previous episodes) no need to listen and torture yourself.
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