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Originally Posted by Czarveillance View Post
I'll still finish listening either way but just looking for some indication whether or not it gets less aggravating the more it continues. This show is yet another reason why everyone needs to be VIP.
The show does get less aggravating because Andrea comes and is open and honest. She may be a "mess" but at least she understand why, which in my book is not a mess.

Danny on the other hand should not listen to the show because he is not emotionally mature enough to learn from it. It would just eat him up inside. I'm not saying I'm any better emotionally, its just easier to see stuff in others vs yourself. Danny is/tries to be such a nice person but all these lashing out cancels it out. It makes for a great show but it does not help out a personal life. At least he is not quite as severe as the crazy Canadian.

The worst part of the show is Danny does not understand the word specific, he names 3-5 specific events through a 3 hrs show vs. Andrea names 3 events in her first 4 minutes. Everything he says is a generic word for a event that has happened.

Danny don't move back to OK if you do you will probably get back with this bitch and ruining your life doing it. If you do decide to leave NYC go somewhere else some other large city and work your way back to NYC. Don't give up, keep fighting, you wanted to be a comedian go out there and fight for it. There is always a way to survive. The only people that don't get somewhere are the ones who don't go for it.
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