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I spent most of my night shift listening to this and I can't decide what was more stressful - the patient who was bleeding out after nasal and facial surgery or listening to Danny's "very, very close to McNally" deconstruction. ( I of course say this with love ).

Danny's talent as a writer blows my emotions and I think he should definitely up his output in this regard. It is cathartic especially if you want to unload some baggage onto a page in a creative way and the work of Danny I've read thus far is fucking genius.

Danny's whole "Leaving Las Vegas" internal torment thing is 80% bullshit - it's real for sure - but it's bullshit that needs to be jettisoned now. The other 20% is worthy of exploration but only with the aim of jettisoning that as well.

Write Danny. Write. You should be fucking literary famous inside 2 years.

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