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I think you might have been really drunk Danny, which is why you didn't remember. You said a lot of stuff which focused mainly on this girl back in OK but the feeling I got from the whole episode was something deeper.

What drives your depression? Is it just that you can't get a job? Is it because you were touched up as a child? Is it that this girl back home really messed with your emotions? Is it because you're afraid of not being depressed anymore?

80% of this depression is bullshit in the sense that it's borne out of stuff that is not worth holding on to. Case in point - this girl back home. She's fucking with you Danny and you're buying into it. Don't give it time to work its way out of your mind - fucking cut it of it at the neck and eject it from conscious thought.

The other 20% is the depression borne out of a real, organic chemical change that needs to be addressed either chemically or with therapy. You may never fully jettison this part but you will come to manage it.

The scary thing is, after a while Danny, depression becomes a seductive blanket that we actually come to depend on - as though we are scared to be without it.

That's the most dangerous part about all this.

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